Nothing says Cool like Mom Cards

What a great concept. Instead of contact or business cards, get a mommy card! Mommy cards are a perfect way to assure your children will always be in close contact. Hand them out to babysitters, doctors, teachers, daycare providers, family and friends to let everyone know where you can be reached. Keep these clever cards in a hip leatherette mommy card holder! Stitched cases are double-sided and come in red, yellow, orange, or green. No doubt you will be the envy of all moms and everyone will be asking you where you got one.


Fifteen great toys for toddler boys!

My Friday Fifteen this week is going to be a list of fifteen great toys for toddler boys. They come highly recommended by mine. :)
1. GeoTrax Working Town Trainset 2. GeoTrax Bulldozer and Fire Truck, Dumptruck, etc. 3. Little People Racin' Ramps Garage 4. Monster Bowling by Melissa and Doug 5. Scootin' Sounds Thomas - Thomas Ride-on Toy 6. ANYTHING from CARS 7. Various animal figurines 8. Little Tikes basketball hoop 9. Books, books, and MORE BOOKS! 10. Puzzles 11. Coloring books and crayons 12. Playdoh 13. Stickers 14. Aqua Doodle 15. Did I say.....ANYTHING FROM the CARS line!!!

Mommy Talk

I am now the proud new owner of Mommy Talk. The previous owner decided to stop doing it, so I decided to take over. The whole blog was deleted so I have to start from scratch, but basically every week there is a new topic of the week for you to blog about. I have incorporated it with my parenting forums since we already do a TOTW over there. I will just link up to it from Mommy Talk every week. Please check it out and join in!