Hard to keep up!

I love reading blogs. I think I like reading other people's blogs more than I like writing in my own. I have to be honest and say that I started this one because when I visit other blogs, sometimes you have to be a blogger/blogspot member to leave a comment. I like leaving comments. I want people to know that I read their blogs. The truth is I have another blog that I post on pretty much daily. I blog and it posts automatically on my message board so that my members can comment. I would love to get comments from other bloggers, but who knows if anyone else out there is even reading. I know it might be a pain in the a$$ to register on my website just to leave a comment, but we did just recently add the "quick register" feature so it shouldn't be that bad. Who knows, maybe you'll enjoy hanging out at the forums and reading/posting about other stuff too. Anyway, just wanted to post and say that it's hard to keep them both up, so if you want to read/hear/learn more about me/talk/chat/say hi or whatever, you can most likely find me at the real Baby Talkers. Come see what all the moms are saying!


LoveMyStarr said...

I went to the real Baby Talkers, and it's a litle bit overwhelming for me. I was just browsing through the Blogger Chicks blogroll and saw your site.

BabyTalkers said...

Thanks for visiting. I will have to take a peek at yours too.

Just curious, what was overwhelming about babytalkers.com? Constructive criticism is appreciated.