Newbie Mom Files

My husband and I have recently launched a new site called Newbie Mom Files. Our goal is to pool the resources of moms everywhere, all in one place to provide basic and to the point instructions, tips, and general advice for the new mom. Newbie Mom Files (or NMFs) are written for moms by moms so you can expect tried and true experiences from every day situations that we all face. We also would like to provide product reviews on the "necessities" for a new baby. We are looking for honest and direct feedback on a variety of baby products. If you are interested in writing a review on a baby product that you already have and would like to have it published on Newbie Mom Files, please either let me know by leaving a comment or just submit it here. If you would like to use your real name, an alias or remain anonymous, please let us know. You are also welcome to submit a link to your blog if you have one and we will gladly give you the proper credit. Additionally, if you are interested in writing an instructional NMF, you are more than welcome to do that as well. We are looking for articles on all types of things such as: 1. taking your baby on an outing (what necessities to bring, what not to bother with) 2. bringing your baby home from the hospital 3. how to start solids 4. getting your baby to sleep 5. distinguishing different types of cries 6. playing with your baby (at different ages) Those are just a few examples of the many, many topics you can write about. What's in it for you? First and foremost, you will be helping new and expectant moms! :) Secondly, you will be acknowledged for your knowledge. :) AND you get to be a part of what I hope to be something very special. :)


Photo Hunters: Rare

Doesn't get much rarer than this (literally)! Maguro on display at the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan. Also very rare to see in Tokyo....and Japan in general from what I noticed, is to see a North American baby......especially a blue-eyed one. This is me crossing the street while pushing my blue-eyed American son in his stroller.

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Another Wordless Wednesday

tough day



Wordless Wednesday

A big pair of shoes to fill......

Question of the Week......

I am going to start posting a hot topic from the Baby Talkers forums over here each week to hopefully get more of you guys to join in. You have to see this post. Here's a snippet, but I know you will want to read the rest:

DH and I have LOTS of problems. Specifically with sex (he never ever wants it and I usually do - he won't evenhug and kiss me), him not helping out, him being rather critical of me, him speaking to me like I am completely stupid and if he didn't remind me to breathe I'd die, and things such as that. Oh and over our son... he is fairly inattentive and loses his patience and such.
Can you give her any advice???


Photo Hunters: Hobby

My hobby is traveling, thus the airplane. We've taken boats, trains, cars, tuk-tuks, cabs, buses, etc. but by far, airplane rides are our most frequent means of transportation to get to a travel destination. view more Photo Hunters here and don't forget to join in next week's Friday Fifteen. :)



How to Easily Get More Traffic to Your Blog

If you are a mom or dad blogger and familiar with Digg (who isn't?), then you might find it frustrating that you cannot find a category to post your articles. The Baby Bug decided to fix this problem for all of the mommy and daddy bloggers out there and create a Digg-like site just for you! Submit your posts in a relevant category, get more traffic to your site and find other great parenting blog posts in the blogosphere all in one place!


Friday Fifteen #2

15 of the cutest words my baby says: 1. Purple (puhr pul) 2. People (pee pull) 3. Yellow (yelloooow) 4. Hi (hii) 5. Bye Bye (bye bye) 6. Mama (mama) 7. Monkey (muh eee) 8. Blue (bruuu) 9. Banana (nana) 10. Cookie (tuh eee) 11. Cat (chat) 12. Choo Choo (chachoo) 13. Kiss (ti) 14. Yay (yaay said with much enthusiasm and clapping) 15. Dada (dada) He speaks very well in general and has a huge vocabulary and while of course I think EVERY SINGLE WORD he says is adorable, the above words are said with extra cuteness. View more Friday Fifteen participants here


Wordless Wednesday

Bumrungrad Hospital - Bangkok, Thailand - J, age 16 months being treated for e.coli