Friday Fifteen #2

15 of the cutest words my baby says: 1. Purple (puhr pul) 2. People (pee pull) 3. Yellow (yelloooow) 4. Hi (hii) 5. Bye Bye (bye bye) 6. Mama (mama) 7. Monkey (muh eee) 8. Blue (bruuu) 9. Banana (nana) 10. Cookie (tuh eee) 11. Cat (chat) 12. Choo Choo (chachoo) 13. Kiss (ti) 14. Yay (yaay said with much enthusiasm and clapping) 15. Dada (dada) He speaks very well in general and has a huge vocabulary and while of course I think EVERY SINGLE WORD he says is adorable, the above words are said with extra cuteness. View more Friday Fifteen participants here

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