Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about The Mommy
1. I am 30 years old 2. I have been married for almost 7 years to my college sweetheart 3. I have a son who is 20 months old 4. I live in Florida 5. I love to travel 6. I have been to Asia twice in the past year and a half with my husband and son 7. I belong to a book club, but don't always read the books. Sometimes I just go to the meetings so I can get out and have a girl's night. 8. My favorite color is blue 9. I let my son watch way too much TV 10. I just started eating red meat when I was pregnant and I love a good steak or hamburger more than chicken now! 11. I buy way too much crap for my kid and not enough for myself 12. I don't like shopping 13. I hate talking on the phone 14. I am addicted to the internet 15. I am sure you are bored reading this ;)
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