Fifteen great toys for toddler boys!

My Friday Fifteen this week is going to be a list of fifteen great toys for toddler boys. They come highly recommended by mine. :)
1. GeoTrax Working Town Trainset 2. GeoTrax Bulldozer and Fire Truck, Dumptruck, etc. 3. Little People Racin' Ramps Garage 4. Monster Bowling by Melissa and Doug 5. Scootin' Sounds Thomas - Thomas Ride-on Toy 6. ANYTHING from CARS 7. Various animal figurines 8. Little Tikes basketball hoop 9. Books, books, and MORE BOOKS! 10. Puzzles 11. Coloring books and crayons 12. Playdoh 13. Stickers 14. Aqua Doodle 15. Did I say.....ANYTHING FROM the CARS line!!!


Monica said...


Monster Bowling looks both adorable AND fun. I kind of want one for myself now.

Jenn said...

What a great list! As a mother to a 3½ year old boy I can say that you are spot on with this. I have never heard of the monster bowling (we usually play with just a ball & water bottles!) but it looks great.. I added it to my son's birthday list. My son is obsessed with Cars and has been for over a year. Anyway (I tend to ramble) great friday fifteen! :)

Jen said...

Wow, mine was a toddler 12 short years ago and there are NO overlaps in terms of his faves except books and play-doh, lol! Cool toys, though!

Happy Friday Fifteen!

JennieBoo said...

Now, I'll have to pass this one to my niece.

Thanks for the info!

Happy Weekend!

Irishcoda said...

Oooh, those monster bowling pins & ball look like a lot of FUN, I'd play with them! LOL

Anonymous said...


Here's mine!
Nice idea for a list you have here!


JennieBoo said...


You left a comment on "O So Mo Love". You wanted to know if you answered my meme yesterday.

I'm sure you did, but it didn't show up in the comments. I check them this morning. CRAZY computer!

If you want, re-answer them, in the comments and email them to me to, just to be safe.

My address is: jennieboo78@yahoo.com

So sorry for the mix-up!

Your post here is wonderful, BTW. I can't WAIT until we have one!