Bedding Sets

My big boy is turning two in just a couple of days. We recently got him a big boy bed in his own room. We had been co-sleeping since birth but suddenly my son decided he was ready to move out. He loves his bed and his animal sheets, but sleeping is still an issue. I still have to lay down with him until he falls asleep and he still wakes up several times per night. It feels like I have a new baby again. I am so exhausted. I am the type of person who desperately needs sleep. And lots of it!! I am also the type of person that constantly wants to change my bedroom and rearrange all the furniture, get new sheets, paint the walls, etc. It doesn't end in my bedroom either. I want to renovate and redecorate every room in the house. I was able to rearrange my son's room and that was great. I am already looking forward to redoing another nursery whenever that may be. I still search for crib bedding. I love it. That was one of the most fun, yet challenging things for me to do while pregnant. I didn't realize how many options were out there so unfortunately I didn't know about the extremely funky styles available. But, at least now I do. I know for my next babe, I'll be checking out Hazel & Melvin's Room - Crib Bedding Sets. This one of the most unique collections of baby home furnishings I've seen around. Each item is designed and handmade with the best quality fabrics. The designer uses just the right balance of fun, bold colors and patterns that appeal to both the baby and the parent. *This is a sponsored post by Hazel & Melvin's Room.

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